A Day to be Thankful…

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

 Today is one of the few days of the year that asks us to pause and recognize the blessings and gifts we have in our lives. No better excuse to start being positive than today, right?

I woke up this morning and thought about the things I was thankful for. Good health, a fridge stocked with food, a roof over my head, and the special people I have in my life. As I was thinking, I wondered whether these people I loved and held so dearly knew that I felt this way about them? So I reached for my cell phone, and told them.  Now I have to be honest, I told them in text messages. Now that I think about it, it would have been even nicer if I had spoken to them on the phone. However, the sentiment was still there. One step at a time, right? 🙂

 The point is … how many days do we think kind thoughts about those closest to us, or perhaps even a stranger you encounter who goes out of their way to do something above and beyond? Why not take today to recognize those people and tell them how much you really appreciate them and value their relationship? It’s always nice to tell someone how much you admire and care about him or her. Plus, you never know the difference it will make in their day, OR the ripple affects your kind words may cause. 

If you’re heading out to a dinner tonight, or perhaps hosting one yourself, you might want to try this: 
I was at a Thanksgiving meal a few years ago where, as part of the dinner conversation, everyone was asked to share something they were thankful for. The responses included everything from favourite hockey teams, to specific moments that had happened over the past year. I found it really brought the meaning home about why we were sitting around the table together, plus it was a really lovely way to see what everyone at the table valued in their lives.  It was especially meaningful to hear what those quieter friends and family members really appreciated, and to see everyone putting their hearts on the line…or table.

 So whether your spending time with family, friends, or choosing to spend it on your own, I hope you have a wonderful day and take some time to do something relaxing for yourself too! After all, we have to be kindest to ourselves and that can sometimes be the toughest job…


But that’s a post for another day. 🙂


So … Rose-coloured glasses are a good thing?

YES! Yes, they are!

Sorry, I should probably introduce myself first. I am a first-time blogger (Actually, a second-time blogger. I have a failed “health and wellness” blog floating out there in cyberspace with one post).

I am a woman who lives in Canada’s north. I am getting married in a few months. I recently discovered I have allergies to wheat, eggs, and dairy products. These may seem like strange shares, but I’m hoping you will see how it ties together in later blogs.

I am a woman who prides herself on being optimistic, and genuinely wants to make the world a better place. Yes, I have dreams of world peace. It sounds like I have those rose-coloured glasses planted firmly on my face doesn’t it?

Well, the truth of the matter is that I struggle with those glasses just like everybody else. Heck, I’m struggling with them right now. I am an optimistic person who rolls her eyes and curses at the person in front of them, who takes too long at the coffee drive-through on the way to work.

I want to make the world a better and more understanding place, but I admit that I’ve made negative comments about myself, those I love, and strangers I’ve passed on the street. It took me four tries to write that last sentence because I was trying to express my feeling while presenting myself in a flattering light. No such luck. Time to face the music and be completely honest.

So, I have decided write this blog for a few reasons. The main reason is to hold myself accountable while I make a daily effort to become more aware of the negativity in my world, and the world around me. This blog will serve as a place to document the trials, tribulations, and musings on my road to becoming a more “positive” person. This blog will also raise questions about why society tends to have a hard time seeing the “rosy” side of life in the world around us, and the people we come to meet.

This blog is also intended to re-claim the positive meaning in “rose-coloured glasses”. When coming up with a blog title, my fiancée and I had a discussion about the meaning of the phrase. While we initially thought the glasses encouraged a “naive and sheltered view of the world”, a quick search of an online thesaurus showed me that the term is still associated with being optimistic.

So grab those glasses and give them a try! If they’ve been locked away in a dusty cupboard for a number of years, now is the time to pull them out, shake off the bunnies, and try them on for size. While you may not find them comfortable at first, you might just like them in the end.

Join me, won’t you? 🙂